AXA Research Day - Volcanoes and Society

May 29, 2012

This workshop is co-sponsored by the AXA Research Fund, Bristol's Cabot Institute and the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol. The specific motivation is the launch of Kathy Cashman’s AXA-sponsored Research Chair at Bristol.

This one-day workshop will explore the multiple facets of environmental risk through the theme of volcanoes and society.

Challenges to developing sustainable societies include not only understanding the physical processes responsible for generating specific hazards, but also the impacts of those hazards on all aspects of the built and human environments. Key to bridging between physical process and impact is development of knowledge and communication networks capable of bringing together practitioners of different disciplines.

In the morning, we will foster interaction among AXA-funded graduate students and postdoctoral researchers by combining a Master Class taught by Cashman with poster presentations from the students (to which everyone is invited).

In the afternoon, we will motivate cross-disciplinary conversations among a broad group of students and professionals using three themed sessions, each with two speakers and a chair:

  • Volcanology and climate
  • Modern impacts of volcanic eruptions
  • Social perspectives on volcanic disasters.

Speakers will be asked to develop questions that call for multidisciplinary solutions.

Chaired round table discussions following each session will provide the opportunity for small groups to explore different themes that will be shared with the larger group in a summary session.

Cashman will end the afternoon session will end with a plenary talk, which will be followed by a drinks reception for all participants.

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